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Canada recently launched a new funding platform called Storyhive, which funds film and video projects across Canada- and they’ve just added music videos to the campaign types! It’s a two tiered competition, with the first tier being completely public voting. This means that I need your help and your votes to get my video for “Beautiful” off the ground. Here’s a link to the campaign page:

This video is extremely important to me, both in creation and in message. I hope that it can be used as a discussion tool to help empower those who don’t like what they see in the mirror – to learn to love and accept the things that you can’t change about your appearance, and to dissolve the fears that hold you back from changing the things that you CAN change.

“Break the mirror, and don’t believe the lens”

Please sign up and vote between May 4-15th, 2015! After voting, please share and tell all your friends! Thanks so much for your support!