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At the beginning of every year I like to take stock of what projects I want to accomplish before the next year comes. I hope you’ll get involved, too!

Happy new year to those of you who follow the Gregorian calendar! I have a lot of cool projects happening this year which I want to tell you about, but I also wanted to open up the floor for topic suggestions from you! This vlog is ultimately intended to give you insight and even possibly help you with your own media projects, so if you have a series idea or a question for me then I want to hear it. I’m easy to get a hold of on social media, but of course you can always leave a comment below, too!

This year I’ll be creating a few series which talk about workflow, including some insight into what it took to create my animated music video for _Criminal (Panopticon)_ as well as the intense story of producing my Stalker music video.

…and if you’re sick of me talking about my past work, fear not, I have a bunch of new topics to cover: like a theory based series focussed on film editing, visual storytelling, storyboarding, and of course music making.

I am also challenging myself to write more music and make more music videos this year than any previous year – and not just cover arrangements, but fully produced finished singles. I am also going to actively collaborate more, so expect to see quite a few exciting tunes pop up – I’m talking to you, Steemit music community!

Finally, I want to make at least one more short film this year. I have a few fun ideas swimming around in my head so far, but nothing is written out completely yet.

Regardless of whatever type of project I’m doing, I’ll be posting my work in progress and processes here on my vlog, so you’ll be able to see them take shape every step of the way.

And on that note, are there any particular topics surrounding movies, music, media, storytelling, or drawing that you want me to cover? Let me know the details in the comments below and I’ll answer all questions as best as I can!