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I wanted to show you my home office workstation, so you can get an idea of what I use to create everything that I do. So, without further ado, come on down!

Alrighty, welcome to my living room! When it’s not occupied by a rambunctious 4 year old, it’s where I do the majority of my music and computer-related work.

The Music Wall
Here on the wall I have all my guitars:

– Our Yamaha bass guitar, built for punk but versatile enough to handle really any genre
– My personal favourite, the Gibson Menace, designed by Metallica’s James Hetfield. It’s got super hot pickups and really has a nice crunch.
– The Washburn acoustic electric hybrid, which has a nice light and crisp sound. Really great for anything that needs an upbeat acoustic feel.
– My first electric guitar, bought when I was in high school: a Peavey Raptor. It’s a great middle of the road guitar which can handle clean and heavy projects quite nicely.
– My very first guitar purchase ever, a cheapo Epiphone acoustic with sunburst design. I remember saving up for a guitar and trying out about 20 in the store. Despite the fact that it was the lowest price point in my budget it was by far my favourite and has a really nice, thick, warm tone to it that I have yet to feel in another guitar. This guy has come with me around the world and could probably tell you some interesting stories…

The Snake
My pet snake, Rowan. Just chillin’ as usual.

The Console
This is where it all happens. Here I’m running my Mac Pro Tower, the one that looks like a goth trash can. It’s just a base model, and it’s first gen so it’s got a few little bugs here and there, but ultimately it’s a really powerful machine. I love everything about it except the short-sighted peripheral attachment design.

Attached to it, I’ve got two regular monitors, an older model Wacom Cintiq for drawing, and the big guy over there which is a plasma HD TV which I was lucky enough to acquire. It’s so nice to not have to have the director hovering behind me whilst editing anymore! Clients can just sit comfortably on the couch and watch the results.

For storage I’ve got a Drobo Raid which is scalable and thunderbolt fast, as well as a couple of older lacie drives for not so important media.

I’ve got the basics like a trackpad and a regular mouse for playing Diablo III… but I also have a fun little ShuttlePro which unfortunately never seems to work properly after upgrading from Apple Snow Leopard despite using all the latest drivers. That was a huge let down for me, it used to be awesome to edit with.

Sound Production Setup

For sound production I’ve got an M-audio M-track usb interface, connected to powered M-Audio speakers. I can put two inputs in with either XLR or 1/4” to record into Logic.
We got a small O2 keyboard controller and a brand spankin’ new iRig pad controller – I’m so excited about this thing you have no idea.. We have a 4 octave M-Audio keyboard controller, too, for when I need to play with both hands.

Right now I have my usual mic set up plugged in to show you, where I’ve got the M-Audio interface connected to an Ashly hardware compressor, which is chained to a little preamp to power my new baby – an AKG C414 condenser mic. It’s safe here in its little sound protection house. I gotta get a new heavy duty mic stand though, as this one is kinda precarious under the weight of the whole set up.

So there you have it! That’s where all the music and video editing magic happens.