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This week I have a special video for you, totally off format – because I’m putting together a new music video for the song I did with Everson Poe called “No Comfort in the Void”. …Which requires a lot of set up, and when you’re like me and you have no budget, you end up having to do everything by yourself. One day, I hope to have a big crew, but until then I’m making my garage studio into a ‘void’.

I’m using lots of black plastic. Gigantic sheets. I’m just going to cover everything. You can see I’ve got some of the background up so far. When I do day two, I’m going to have a bunch of friends over and they’re gonna dump a bunch of paint on me, so that’ll be fun. But that means I need to keep things a little bit tidy.

Day 1
So, I’ve got most of the wall up – I have one more wall to do, but that’s where the mirror is. So, I’m going to bring a makeup mirror in for Sunday. But it’s ok! I’m gonna do my makeup and then I’m going to put the last part of the wall up and I’ll check in one more time!

Allright, there it is. My kill room. …just kidding! That is the VOID! I’ve got my single LED spot. For the first shot I’m going to do, it’s my one and only moving shot. So I’ve got my Revolve Camera dolly on my makeshift little track there.

I’ve got my shot list, ready to go, to tell me what I need. Very important! I’ve got my laptop, ready for playback. IPhone, I’m gonna do some super slo mo on my iPhone, and then an extra little speaker. And that’s it! That’s all I’m doing for this shoot!

And here’s my first makeup!

We’re gonna do two makeups today: pink and purple. Good times. So you’ll see some more, and I’ll show you some footage as I go – as much as I can! All right, bye bye!

I have my second round of makeup on for the day: purple!

But anyway, I’m shooting on my other camera [the EX3] at 60 frames per second, so everything is super fast. [plays clip of song played at x2.5 speed] That’s what the song sounds like at 2.5, which is nuts.

Ok, my last makeup of the day – some smearing fun. And now I’m going to cut my hair! Ahhh! You’re going to see the footage of it being cut dramatically in the video, so enjoy that.

So here’s the end of day one! My hair is short, and I’m actually gonna cut it shorter tonight. You’ll see me again on Sunday, when I shoot day two! Good times. And I won’t be so scary looking. At least… not to scary.

Day 2
Welcome back! This is day two. I have my friend Tiffany helping me out today because I have a lot of paint splashing I gotta do. Stay tuned for more…

Allright so I’m just gonna have this on a loop. And just don’t mind me, I’m going to get in the zone and do my thing. I’m going to start with a wide shot.

(I have to adjust the camera to make sure the frame is what I want in between each take)

Nina: “Ok, that looks good. Here we go!” (When I’m happy with the frame, I press record!) “Argh these pants! These are my high school volleyball pants…”
Tiffany: “Hey man, you still fit ‘em!”
Nina: “They fit better now than they did before! I was like, 50 pounds heavier back then.”

(I basically do it over and over again until I feel like I’ve got a good take.)

Nina: “One more comb” (this gel bloody sucks – it doesn’t stay at all!!) “Ok, let’s get ready to dump some paint on me! Hokay!”

The Fun Part!
Nina: “Ok, I’m going to get in character – (to Tiffany) you count to three, and then go.”
Tiffany: “Just tell me when you’re ready to go.”
Nina: “Ok I’m ready. Count to three.”
Tiffany: “One, two, three… Any second now..”

Terrence: “That’s pretty dramatic…”

Tiffany: (referring to black footprints on the ground) “I’m getting your footprints cuz it’s funny.”

(Terrence hoses me off in the backyard) Nina: “The things I do for art!!”

Paint Round 2…
Nina: “When I say go, count one, two, and then go. …and go.”
Tiffany: “One, two, three.” (splash blue!) “One, two, three…” (splash pink!!)
Nina: “Go ahead and turn off the iPhone, I’m just gonna do some… freestyling here.”

Alright! We survived. That was a lot of paint. Can’t wait to show you the main video! Thanks for watching! Be sure to click that subscribe button! Because you’re my friend, and I love you. Thank you! Bye!