"The Body Is Not Sacred" from Everson Poe.

the full triptych cycle: four songs dealing with themes of gender & depression as the main album "the body is not sacred", four instrumental pieces as the companion album "the body is a prison", and "polite" versions of the four main album tracks (devoid of screaming for those who dislike it) as the companion album "the body is an illusion"

everson poe - guitar, baritone guitar, bass, drums, keys, piano, words, vocals, photography
derosnec - vocals, effects, photography, design 

written, performed, recorded, & mixed at hell's half acre studio
april 2017 to april 2018
additional recording & mixing by derosnec in los angeles
produced by everson poe & derosnec

thank you - sarah, alex & tiff, nina & terrence, justine, annelise, dan, mom & dad

words of wisdom by genesis breyer p-orridge

All songs published by Oh Just Peachy Studios Productions (ASCAP)